Impact Research 1-ETA 2018

Through merging as a linked charity with Black Prince Trust, Fight 4 Change Have jointly assessed our social impact strands. The strategic focus has been developed into a new framework that aims to capture all existing provision – and sets the aspirations for future strategic initiatives and fundraising priorities.

The focus covers five areas which are synergistic to a large degree. These five areas provide the opportunity to position F4C and BPT across a range of cross-cutting agendas where sport and physical activity are well placed to contribute. These areas are:

  1. Inclusion
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Education, Training and Lifelong Learning
  4. Equality and Diversity
  5. Participation

Participation is a commonly misunderstood social impact and sometimes dismissed as not having lasting outcomes. F4C and BPT believes that participation is at the core of what we are jointly trying to achieve as without participation it is a) very hard to maximise the assets at the BPT Hub, and b) engage the various social impact strands in their own right.  As such F4C and BPT believes that Participation is a social impact strand that straddles and is embedded in the other four specific areas.

Impact Research 2 – ETA 2017

Commissioned research on our box for success programme. The study looks to undertake an evaluation of the programme designed in the response to the social problem of reoffending. Looking at Improved levels of citizenship, sustaining and alleviating the risk of offending and re offending, improved citizenship and enhancing the well-being and positive psychology.

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