Sports for development

Fight 4 Change is primary driver of the sport for development agenda, with a focus on sporting young people from vulnerable and disenfranchised communities, with programs addressing inactivity & physical literacy, females engagement and mental health.

We recognise the value of sport and its coaches can bring to supporting such vulnerable groups- a sense of belonging, a positive outlet, support, mentoring, guidance and positive role models. We take a holistic approach to developing young people and their skills in bringing about positive change through our sports and multi sports programmes.

Fight 4 Change works closely with a range of strategic and funding partners to deliver a comprehensive sports development programme in London and beyond.

Our programme of activity is delivered in five stages:
  • Grass roots – Sport, physical activity and fitness based programmes delivered in schools, community centres and as part of summer and school holiday periods to encourage young people of all ability levels to engage in sport and physical activity. This is by providing easy access sessions within local communities making it easier for people to access programs and find the program with the right activity and right fit for them.
  • Skills development – Not only does our programmes enhance a young person motor skills, coordination and cognitive function sport can be used as a means to teach and practice transferable social, employment and life skills that can lead to well-being, economic participation, productivity and resilience..
  • Education – Sport activities in conjunction with our tool kits can enhance enrolment in formal education systems, school attendance and academic performance among school-aged population. Our sport based programmes can also offer a platform for learning opportunities beyond primary and secondary schooling, and for the acquisition of skills transferable to the workplace and to social life.
  • Volunteering – Enabling young people to get valuable experience running sporting events, summer programmes, allowing them practical experience and to put their skills into practice, officiating, coaching and developing their planning and organization skills.
  • Progression into clubs – by working National Governing Bodies and our own networks to progress young people who wish to compete within a club environment.
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