Lambeth Young Advisors

Lambeth Young Advisors

Fight for Change run the Lambeth Young Advisors program. This is a program made up of young people aged between 16-24, who work within local community to create services, help young people in the community and improve local decision making.

With their insights into the local community as a young people they are able to create events/activities, educate other young people in basic rights and help improve opportunities and prospects in the community. Our aim is to break down the local barriers that young people in the Lambeth community face and help them come together to make the borough a better place, support the community by empowering young people

The Young Advisors movement is supported by a central charity, which brings together the UK wide network of Young Advisor teams, enabling us to be greater than the sum of our individual parts.

Mission Statement

As Lambeth Young Advisors, our aim is to bring about change by creating services for the local community. We want the services that we create to help those in need, educating people of their basic rights and helping to improve opportunity prospects in the community. Our goal is to break down the barriers that stop the Lambeth community coming together.