Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change model maps a description on how each program effects change in a young person. It maps out the process and desired effects and considers all external factors that would have an impact on the desired outcomes. It is essentially a comprehensive description and illustration of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context.

We have a separate theory of change for each of our programmes that incorporates our specific methodology and evaluation process to promote social change. This allows us to create an honest picture of the steps required to reach our long-term goals. This is constantly being reviewed with regular feedback from participants and from our own robust evaluation process to continuously enhance the programs.

Impact Research ETA -2020

Commissioned research on our Female contenders programme. The study looks to undertake an evaluation of the programme designed in the response to the social problem of inactive females, behavioural change and empowerment.

London south bank uni impact research – 2020

This research was undertaken to evaluate the impact of the 3 year funder “This Girl Can Lambeth Programme”. This was a Sport England and Lambeth Council funded programme. It consisted of Fight 4 Change, Big Kid Foundation, Sustrans, Streatham Youth & Community Trust, St Mathews project. The evaluation looked at the impact of the programme of physical fitness and behavioural change of the Girls aged 14 to 25 on the programme.

Impact Research 2 – ETA 2017

Commissioned research on our box for success programme. The study looks to undertake an evaluation of the programme designed in the response to the social problem of reoffending. Looking at Improved levels of citizenship, sustaining and alleviating the risk of offending and re offending, improved citizenship and enhancing the well-being and positive psychology.