Our programmes provide young people with positive activities in a safe environment, whilst our multi-skilled team of trained coaches, youth workers and education professionals provide mentoring and support through workshops, life-skills development and accredited training. Each of our programmes is developed through a theory of change and are focused on youth crime, Mental Health and inequities through our female empowerment programmes.

Fight 4 Change’s programmes do not all run at once and each programme can only run once a specific funding stream is attached. Therefore, we can only expand our existing programmes into new areas if we have the revenue streams in place to do so. Our programs consist of:

Saved by the Bell

Boxing is a particular suitable vehicle for which to move participants from a state of offending or at risk of offending into a structured programme, addressing a range of issues and needs of those enrolled. The image of boxing as a tough and heroic sport is attractive to the target group and can thus be used as a “hook” to engage them in other processes and progress through our 5 stages. As such, participation in boxing can be used as an intervention to change behaviour and is a diversion from re offending.

Our intervention program has received a level 2 project oracle award for impact.

Brain Buddy – Mental Health Program

A programme developed in partnership with local health organisations to specifically address the needs of young people with mental health issues. Provides a physical health programme combined with workshops to get participants active and back to work. Encourages participants to organise events to assist them get back into society and alleviate the stigma of mental health.

Contender – Female engagement

A programme aimed at encouraging young women to participate regularly in sport.
The program encourages behaviour changes and breaks down barriers which prevent participation. Offering boxing and a range of other sports to encourage young women to be physically active combining sport with empowerment days delivered by female athletes covering body image, nutrition and fitness planning.